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All about Aquarius & Taurus relationships

Are you compatible?

It's unlikely that this two will get together unless circumstances force it. It's more likely that Aquarius follows up any connection, as they're always ready to try something new. There are a lot of personality differences to get over. Aquarius introduces more change than Taurus feels comfortable coping with, as Taurus prefers the tried and true. With both of you being so determined, this relationship is a test of wills. Neither is easily pushed, pulled or pressured. Hard work and compromise is needed, but if both agree to stop being so stubborn, they can form a close bond.

The good

Although Aquarius may find Taurus' approach to life a little dull, they can offer Aquarius some much-needed grounding. Taurus will bring affection into Aquarius' life, along with reliability, supplying the solid base they need to move from. Aquarius widens Taurus' horizons and teaches them that uncertainty isn't something to be feared.

The bad

Taurus cannot understand why Aquarius will not get closer and Aquarius wants much less physical contact and has a lesser need for affection than does Taurus. Aquarius' biggest problem is with Taurus' possessiveness and they will need to curb their unpredictability a little to make it work. With both of you being so opinionated, it's best to try to avoid arguments.

Sexual chemistry

This is problematic as Taurus can't understand why Aquarius will not get closer and Aquarius wants much less physical contact and has a lesser need for affection than does Taurus. However, that difference can be what attracts to two of you to each other. Aquarius is attracted to Taurus' sensuality and Taurus to Aquarius' independence.

Long-term outlook

Despite all the differences between you, with effort this can be a highly rewarding combination with long term potential. Taurus takes relationships seriously and Aquarius considers Taurus a keeper. When the first excitement wears off, a deep friendship can set in. A mutual desire to succeed is often enough to push you to compromise and grow.

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