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All about Capricorn & Taurus relationships

Are you compatible?

These two have a lot in common and this combination can result in a wonderful, long-lasting partnership. Both favor the real world and are capable of working hard. Perhaps there won't be many surprises, but it will be easy to establish a comfortable and affectionate relationship. As two earth signs you have a lot in common. You're each practical and tolerant of the others faults and favor the real world, not wanting to take chances with time, money, energy or feelings. You're both dependable and conservative and with so much in common it's easy to find a meeting ground. Together, you make a good team.

The good

Capricorn finds in Taurus a friend, philosopher and guide and feel that they can confide in them, which allows Taurus to bring out your Capricorn's hidden romantic side. Capricorn can be a little serious for Taurus' tastes but Taurus can help them to loosen up a little. Taurus loves Capricorn's sincerity, loyalty and sense of justice and it's easy for Taurus to pay Capricorn the respect they crave. Capricorn can see that Taurus, despite their lazy reputation, is more than capable of working hard and will push them to achieve more.

The bad

With both being so naturally sensible, it's important to inject a little fun into your relationship or it will become dull. Capricorn will need to bite their tongue at Taurus' occasional extravagant moments.

Sexual chemistry

Capricorn feels safe in confiding in Taurus and Taurus can bring out their hidden romantic side. With each finding someone who can match their stamina, passions can explode and neither can resist returning to the other time and time again. The longer it goes on, the better it gets.

Long-term outlook

There may not be many surprises in this combination but it's easy to find a meeting ground. With the two of you patient and capable of looking to the long term, this can run and run.

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