Biorhythm Compatibility

How to read Biorhythms for Couples

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In the chart above you can see 3 cycles for each member of the couple in question - for a total of 6 cycles. The chart can be a little hard to read, so you can display just one type of biorhytm at a time using the three buttons under the chart.

The vertical line in the center of the chart shows the target reading date, and the seven vertical lines on either side of the center white line show 7 days preceding, and 7 days after the target date.

Look for convergences and divergences

By comparing the relative cycles for each partner, you can see 'convergences' and 'divergences' in the biorhythm cycles.

Most people assume that cycles that move 'together in sync' are best. This is somewhat true, but keep in mind that two cycles that are 'low' at the same time can be a dangerous time of strife and tension.

Somewhat counterintuitively, two intellectual cycles at their peak, can represent a time of challenging ideals and intellects. With this in mind, the charts should be read as a reflection of real-world experience, not as a sole predictor. The more you read a compatibility chart over time, the more you will understand which chart patterns reflect which real-world relationship dynamics.

What the primary biorhythm cycles mean

Your Physical Cycles

The physical biorhythm cycle is an expression of your bodily health, your athletic ability and your energy level. A low physical cycle may also indicate a time at which one is more likely to become sick. A high physical cycle indicates a higher likelihood of shaking off an illness. Athletic performance is strongly affected by this cycle, and a "win" is often correlated with a high rating on the physical curve.

Your Emotional Cycles

The emotional biorhythm cycle measures the amount of your positive or negative energy. It is a measure of your emotional perception of yourself, and your emotional outlook on the world. The emotional cycle also measures one's ability to empathize and understand the emotions of others.

Your Intellectual Cycles

The intellectual cycle indicates levels of cognitive awareness and ability. Your problem-solving and logical skills are closely linked to the levels in this cycle. Both mathematical and creative abilities are referenced here, although a some believe that "creative" ability is also influenced by the secondary biorhythm cycle of "passion".

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