Free Biorhythm Reading

Biorhythms are the natural cycles of life. They are natural biological cycles that course through every one of us. By measuring our biorhythm cycles we can track our highs and lows -- our ups and downs. The waves of our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being can be charted before our eyes.

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Chart two different biorhythms on top of each other with our unique biorhythms for couples tool.

What are biorhythms?

Biorhythms are measurements which track the ebb and flow of 3 major (or "primary") physiological and emotional cycles. The primary biorhythm cycles are: "Emotional", "Intellectual" and "Physical". Each of these cycles moves at different rates which begin the day we are born. Each cycle moves up and down between 100% positive and 100% negative. Biorhythms move according to "sinusoidal" patterns which measure human bio-electric energies. When a biorhythm crosses the 0% line, there is neither an added value or a reduced value to that attribute, however these "critical" days are considered to be erratic. Performance on "critical" (or 0%) days is unpredictable and may be characterized by random volatility.


In addition to the 3 primary cycles, are 3 "secondary cycles". These secondary cycles are composite measurements which can give greater insight into more complex physical and emotional states. The secondary biorythm cycles are: "Wisdom", "Mastery" and "Passion".  







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