numeroscopes vs. horoscopes?

are numeroscopes more accurate?

Maybe. One of the interesting characteristics of numeroscopes is their association with your date (and year) of birth. A daily reading based on numerology, rather than astrology, is therefore more customized to your personal profile than a horoscope can ever be. Horoscopes have only 12 possibilities per day, making horoscopes very general readings at best.


Many people prefer the variation and customization that comes with a numerological approach. Try one and see for yourself.



If you like reading tarot cards, then try this spread: Shows the energies and romantic possibilities between people. Great for singles looking to find out about that special someone. And great for couples too. A 6 card tarot spread.




"Arrow of Love"

The Arrow of Love tarot spread, also called "Cupid's Arrow" is a long-time favorite for insights into love and relationships. How does your relationship stack-up? Is the romance still there? A 6 card tarot spread.