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The Meaning of the "King of Swords" Tarot Card

(Applies to the upright position)


The Symbolism of the Tarot Card:


The king sits on his lofty throne on the top of a high cliff. He has a sullen, but not threatening, look on his face, as if in deep contemplation. Elements of air surround him, including clouds and a butterfly that adorns his throne. He holds his sword aloft in his hand with a sure grip, even though it looks like a very heavy sword. He reflects the archetypal figure of Justice in the Major Arcana of the same, but he is more of a "real world" figure that dispenses Justice.



The Meaning of the Tarot Card:


A high ranking scholar such as a university professor or an experienced scientist. One who has sacrificed other areas of their lives for the life of the mind. May also be a person involved in a superior position in law enforcement or a law firm. Power, authority, and the judicious use of these in all things. An exceedingly fair, but firm person.


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