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The Meaning of "The Empress" Tarot Card

(Applies to the upright position)


The Symbolism of the Tarot Card:


An earth mother figure reposes in a garden resplete with symbols of fertility. Grain grows at her feet, and her throne features the symbol of Venus encompassed by a heart. On her head is a crown with 12 stars, representing the symbols of the Zodiac, and she holds a short scepter topped by a golden globe which represents the Earth. Her necklace holds nine pearls, one for each planet. She is crowned by heaven and her feet are the earth, as per the depiction of a number of goddesses and female religious figures throughout mythology.


Her robe, hair, and figure are full and flowing. She sits with her knees uncrossed, a gateway to power.



The Meaning of the Tarot Card:


The universal mother, fertility, motherhood, gentleness. The inherent sexuality of the female and its use for birth and pleasure. Passion, sensuality, and emotion with no necessary controls. The Empress represents the necessity of passionate experience, and the need to "let go" once in a while.


The fact that the passion of the Empress is unrestrained does not make it invalid. It is through this passion that new ideas are borne, new plans are constructed. Passion is the beginning of every salient venture.


The astrological references through her crown and necklace show that while she is the purest example of fertility in physical existence, she is still tied to and emanates from the divine. She also acts as a gateway to the divine through her sexuality - through the gate of the outward face of the Empress, we can glimpse the inner mysteries of the High Priestess.


The motherhood aspect of this card comes from more of a universal place - this is the feeling of the mother for her children rather than representing one's actual mother.


On a baser plane this card means happiness in the person's current situation, a complete satisfaction with the order of things. Luxury and enjoyment are the guiding principles, rather than hard work and troubles. This card is the Garden of Eden where all may rest. The greatest satisfaction that one may have with material life.


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