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The Meaning of the "Strength" Tarot Card

(Applies to the upright position)


The Symbolism of the Tarot Card:


A maternal, graceful and patient woman holds the jaws of a lion shut, despite great resistance from the lion. An infinity symbol is above her head. Mountains and hills gently rise in the background.



The Meaning of the Tarot Card:


Calm, inner strength and beauty. The fortitude to face spiritual tasks and trials. The ability to face a problem with hope and optimism. The emphasis on this card is in inner, flowing strength rather than a display of brute strength.


The lion is meant to represent our fears and emotions that we need to tame before going on to explore our inner, more spiritual selves. The taming of the lion refers to the taming of our fears that control us, replacing them instead with strength and grace.


A female was chosen to be the main figure in the card precisely because it is supposed to show that inner strength and patience have more of a chance against anything than a show of physical, brute strength. This is the strength of water wearing away rock over time.


The infinity symbol over her head refers to spirit, and the divine spark. It is this spirit that she is drawing on in order to tame the lion. Note also that she is only taming the lion, not killing it, so that it will be her friend and subdued to her will when she is done.


The color of the card and the dress of the woman also show her to be tied to the Empress, perhaps a handmaiden or servant of the Empress who has been sent forth to calm this beast for her mistress. The garland on her dress ties her directly to the lion, signifying that the lion is part of the woman and she a part of the lion.


The ability to face a situation with eagerness and hope, particularly an important life change. A person who has great inner strength and can face any challenge without being knocked down. Reaching down and finding the strength to overcome some seemingly impossible goal. One who can act decisively, and uncomplainingly.


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