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The Meaning of "The Star:" Tarot Card

(Applies to the upright position)


The Symbolism of the Tarot Card:


A great star is surrounded by seven other stars. Each has eight rays. A nymph like figure pours the Water of Life from two jars, one onto water and one onto land. One foot is on water, and one is on land, signifying a balance between the physical and the spiritual.


Hills rise in the background, and over her shoulder is a tree on which a fantastical bird has perched.



The Meaning of the Tarot Card:


The female figure in this card is the Great Mother releasing her energies into the world through the waters of life. This card is the rebirth after the prison of the Devil and the destructiveness of the Tower. It is new life, in the sense of a new life after wisdom has been gained through trial and sacrifice.


The bird in the background is an Ibis, an Egyptian bird that is a symbol for the god Thoth. He was the god of the sciences & arts - he was master over all branches of knowledge. He is blessing the operation from afar with his presence in the card.


The pool in the card is the well of the spirit, and the figure is replenishing it and blessing it. This can refer to a physical healing, a spiritual healing, or both.


The stream from one of the jars flows both into the ground and back into the pool, signifying the need to replenish the spirit before nourishing the rest. The woman's foot doesn't sink down into the water, suggesting that the water itself is on another plane of existence from her.


The female here is a combination of all of the major female arcana cards - Strength, the High Priestess, the Empress. Here she has cast off all of her outward appearances, and shows herself to simply be the Great Mother, the female principle itself. There is no longer any reason to hide. This card offers us a glimpse of heaven, and all of the peace that exists there.


Wholeness, healing, hope for a brighter future. A sense of profound inner calm that should be savored for the moment. It is necessary to take time to heal and absorb after an upheaval. A period of rest after hardship.


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