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All About Aries

Aries: The Ram

The Sign of Aries

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Aries Personality Profile

An air of energy and vitality surrounds the Aries individual. Always pushing forward and filled with a desire to live life to the fullest -- Arians (as they are called) are a dynamic bunch. Those born under the astrological sign of Aries are comfortable with the ideas of risk and adventure -- so much so, that they may not even realize when they are taking risks or embarking on projects that would seem intimidating to others. Aries individuals make quick learners. Their positive energy allows them to swiftly analyze a situation and assimilate information rapidly. On the flip side, Arians are often likely to miss minor details in favor of a quick summary. While others may stick around to ponder the finer aspects of a particular issue -- Arians frequently bound off to the next frontier, in search of yet another challenge. An interesting quirk of the Aries personality is that while they themselves may be comfortable with the idea of "risk" -- they may be quick to condemn similar behavior in others.

Aries at Work

The pioneering spirit of Aries lends itself strongly to the professional attributes of leadership and entrepreneurial drive. While others may seek comfort and security in the workplace -- Aries individuals frequently tire of such positions and seek more stimulating roles with dynamic and fast-paced teams. Arians are not afraid to "think big", and they are frequently "idea people". The finer points of day-to-day operations may slip by them because they remain focused on greater goals, concepts and ideas. Aries individuals can be somewhat difficult to work with, or alongside because they tend to put themselves first. This may be seen -- in some instances -- as egotistical and self-centered.

Aries in Love

Aries people tend to put themselves "first". While this may seem to be a negative trait in some relationships, it often translates into a desire to achieve success "as a couple". Aries relationships can be very affectionate and loving -- and their infinite energy can provide a wellspring of passion and love for long stretches of time. Aries individuals are often very comfortable with the idea of monogamy and long-term relationships -- but those relationships typically conform to the Aries desire to live life to the fullest. Arians can become vindictive and angry when a relationship goes bad -- and they typically take longer to forgive, and experience a longer recovery period than many other signs.

Aries compatibility

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