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All About Leo

Leo: The Lion

The Sign of Leo

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Leo Personality Profile

For many people, "charm" is a skill that takes years to learn. For individuals born under the astrological sign of Leo however, "charm" is something that comes as naturally as breathing. The Leo personality is magnetic, dynamic and always alluring. Leos are happiest when they are engaged in play, sensory experiences and all kinds of fulfilling work. Leos typically exhibit a natural personal warmth, and a sincere generosity. Leos aren't generous because they expect anything in return -- instead, Leo's genuinely enjoy the act of giving for it's own sake. Leos make excellent friends because their natural desire to make others happy is especially cherished during difficult times. Leo's are particularly good at helping their friends through difficult emotional times. Leos have strong opinions on topics that are important to them -- and they like to be unchallenged when speaking about their beliefs. Leos may sometimes withdraw into themselves if their desire for superiority is contested. In some cases, this desire to be "unchallenged" may be seen as arrogance or self-centeredness -- but it is more likely a deep rooted passion about particular issues that lie close to the heart.

Leo at Work

Leos in the workplace have some unique advantages, and some possible disadvantages to be aware of. The incredible "people skills" of a Leo are especially suited to complex human interactions and office politics. In a broad range of career options, from sales to senior management -- Leos will make good use of their emotional intelligence. Another facet of Leos however is their enormous sense of pride and superiority. This second trait can be both advantageous and problematic. In some cases -- particularly for Leos in management -- this trait may prove to be an asset. But in other cases, especially for younger Leos, this trait may be seen as snobbish or aloof -- and can create problems in the workplace.

Leo in Love

Leos are romantics. With their great personal strength, emotional charm and spiritual understanding -- Leos make excellent lovers, partners and lifelong mates. Leos should be cautious however not to leap too far, or act without thinking. Powerful emotions have lead many Leos to follow their hearts rather than their heads. Leos must also remember not to let their personal pride interfere with their ability to admit when they are wrong. When a Leo is treated right, doted upon, and not overly challenged by their partner -- a Leo will blossom into a passionate, giving and romantic partner.

Leo compatibility

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