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Libra: The Scales

The Sign of Libra

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Libra Personality Profile

Possessing a strong internal sense of justice and balance, Libras are typically very fair minded and even handed. Emotionally, Libras tend to avoid extremes: Never becoming too angry, too depressed, too happy or too excited -- they tend keep their cool. Libras are extremely good at seeing both sides of an issue -- so much so that they may have a hard time committing to one side or the other. Quite often, Libras will wear an external mask of fairness and impartiality, while internally they may be very ambitious and goal oriented. Libras are extremely intelligent, and exceedingly creative. Libra's are always imaginative and are known to daydream. While many Libras put these traits to productive uses -- Libra's sense of balance can sometimes prevent them from finishing projects, because all aspects of their life share equal importance and priority. Libras also tend to avoid conflict -- preferring to adhere to a central or neutral position most of the time (although internally they may have strong feelings on the matter at hand).

Libra at Work

Indecision can be a major problem for Libras in some work environments. In positions where quick thinking and fast decision-making is necessary, Libras will often have difficulty, and will become stressed -- or sometimes just "tune out". In creative fields, or in fields where justice is balanced -- like law or government -- Libras do extremely well. Libras are also extremely good at analysis of complex situations and emotional states, and make extremely good therapists, coaches and advisors.

Libra in Love

In all things, Libra is balanced -- and this includes relationships. Libra's seek equality in their partners. They desire a balanced and stable relationship which is free of strife, conflict and emotional flare-ups. Libras seek to be loved above all other things -- as the solitary lifestyle runs counter to the fundamental Libra concept of 'balance'. Libra's ability to understand human nature and human motivations also makes them adept at understanding their partner's needs and desires. Ironically, Libras often have a far greater understanding of others than themselves -- and can sometimes be confused by their own emotions and feelings.

Libra compatibility

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