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All about Aquarius & Aquarius relationships

Aquarius & Aquarius

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This is more likely to be a friendship than a romance but friendship could lead to much more at a later stage. The two of you understand each other even though you might both baffle and madden others.

Why Aquarius and Aquarius
are a good match

You mutually admire each other and with the large variety of friends and interests you have, can easily find something to share. You're unlikely to argue, as you tend to agree about most things. Although each of you loves to be independent, that isn't a problem because you both understand this about each other. There won't be a trace of jealousy or possessiveness so long as you're together.

Why Aquarius and Aquarius
are a bad match

It can take a long time to develop emotional intimacy because with so much going on you might not spend that much time together. As you don't tend to make much of an effort to go beneath the surface, your relationship risks being superficial. You can both be frivolous and have problems in expressing your own feelings or understanding your partner's. You might fight against commitment thinking that it threatens your independence. It's all too easy to let romance slight into a half hearted friendship.

How are Aquarius & Aquarius in bed?

Meeting someone who understands you and your needs so well is almost irresistible. The two of you confide everything in each other and can't imagine a better relationship. You soon lose any inhibitions you might have when you're together. You both need constant stimulation and as long as you make the effort to each supply the other with that, there'll be no temptation to look elsewhere.

Aquarius & Aquarius marriage potential

You are friendly people, who enjoy the company of others and there's always something going on, usually something new, when you're around these two. There will be lots of fun, adventure and excitement when you're together, increased by the fact that you both love freedom and will respect each other's individuality.

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