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All about Aquarius & Aries relationships

Aries & Aquarius

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In this vigorous and fascinating relationship, romance and genuine companionship can walk hand in hand. Aries and Aquarius have similar views on life, making them highly compatible, although Aquarius tends to be more philosophical. You both enjoy a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, so you can enjoy social activities together. Both of you are idealistic and may find a cause you share and can pursue together.

Why Aquarius and Aries
are a good match

Stable Aquarius can restrain Aries when they keep jumping from one interest to another. Their curiosity and lack of conventionality provide a good match to Aries' enthusiasm and pioneering spirit. Together, you can find places to go, people to meet and hold many interests in common. You enjoy a vigorous exchange of ideas, although Aries can get a bit heated. Aries is always attracted to whatever's new and Aquarius will want to come along for the ride, just to see what's happening. With both of you being independent and appreciating time alone, you can each understand the other's need for occasional solitude. Aries will revel in the attention and care Aquarius shows them and when Aquarius is a little down or worried, Aries' sunny disposition helps them to face life.

Why Aquarius and Aries
are a bad match

Problems can occur due to the fact that Aries wants to start immediately whilst Aquarius is still considering the consequences of their involvement. Aries is passionate and Aquarius interested in almost everything. If jealousy and possessiveness rear their heads, sparks will fly. Aquarius is loyal, but won't be owned, and it's best for Aries not to even try. You could sometimes get on each other's nerves and if Aries starts issuing orders, as they're sometimes prone to do, Aquarius will reveal its stubbornness and tell Aries just where to get off.

How are Aquarius & Aries in bed?

Sometimes, Aries' passion might be a bit much for Aquarius, but as an independent creature, it's always possible for them to step back if they feel overwhelmed. You will probably be best friends as well as partners as you can offer each other everything you need in a relationship.

Aquarius & Aries marriage potential

You enjoy a vigorous exchange of ideas, although Aries can get a bit heated at times. Together, you can have a fascinating relationship, where romance and companionship exist alongside.

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