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All about Aquarius & Cancer relationships

Cancer & Aquarius

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Emotional and sensitive Cancer doesn't do well with reserved Aquarius, who will want to run everything. You approach your goals in very different ways, and are inclined to step on one another's toes. Although there are possibilities of great adventure this can be a very unpredictable combination. This coupled with a lack of constancy can make both of you feel uncomfortable. The two of you look in different directions â€" Cancer is more attached to the past. Aquarius needs to be sensitive to Cancer's feelings and attachments, and to recognize that too sudden change is very upsetting to them.

Why Aquarius and Cancer
are a good match

Both of you can be ambitious and determined and although you each want your own way, you dislike conflict. Aquarius finds great comfort in the solid base that Cancer provides. Aquarius can teach Cancer how to become a little detached from everything and use their head as well as their heart. Cancer can teach Aquarius compassion and the art of making the other person feel special.

Why Aquarius and Cancer
are a bad match

Aquarius values freedom and needs to maintain a sense of individuality while Cancer is very dependent and may be made to feel anxious and insecure by Aquarius' independence. Aquarius needs to be sensitive to Cancer's feelings and attachments, and recognize that change that is too rapid or sudden is very upsetting to them. Cancer's clinginess may be off putting to Aquarius and they need to try hard to make sure that Cancer doesn't feel left out or ignored. Aquarius' temptation to try to improve everything is strong, but won't always be appreciated by Cancer. Aquarius can feel that Cancer is pushy or insensitive. As Aquarius puts friends and causes ahead of personal loyalties, Cancer may feel neglected and hurt by their attitude. As Aquarius puts friends and causes ahead of personal loyalties, Cancer may feel neglected and hurt by their attitude

How are Aquarius & Cancer in bed?

As Cancer seeks success and security in love and Aquarius status and friendship, these signs are often drawn to each other. This combination is exciting and full of surprises. It can be love at first sight as both of you are fascinated by the way that the other approaches the world. Cancer's sensuality and romantic imagination intrigues Aquarius and Cancer finds Aquarius irresistible.

Aquarius & Cancer marriage potential

To make this work, both need to give more than they get. Once Cancer feels secure you can develop an electric relationship. You can develop a strong understanding of one another, and inspire one another's imagination, idealism, and aspirations. You can help each other to look beyond the daily problems and issues of your personal lives and focus more on broader issues. If cancer learns to trust Aquarius, this relationship will really go places.

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