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All about Aquarius & Capricorn relationships

Capricorn & Aquarius

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You're very different on the surface, but if you take time to get to know each other Aquarius' intelligence can mix well with Capricorn's practical approach. You share many of the same goals and ideals and can agree on what is important in the long run. When you find common goals, you can channel your combined energy into creating something positive.

Why Aquarius and Capricorn
are a good match

You share many of the same goals and ideals, and can teach each other different ways of going after them. Aquarius can help Capricorn to sharpen their intuition and stand up for their beliefs whereas Capricorn can show Aquarius how to be more organised and find a structure for all their bright ideas. Aquarius also shows Capricorn that there are shortcuts and alternative ways to get where they're going as well as allowing them to drop their self-control and be more spontaneous.

Why Aquarius and Capricorn
are a bad match

You might end up clashing every time you get together. Both of you become so much involved in other things that you don't pay enough attention to your relationship. If you're not careful, any warmth and romance soon flies out of the window. Aquarius can be too friendly with outsiders for Capricorn's tastes and Capricorn too attached to their family in Aquarius' view.

How are Aquarius & Capricorn in bed?

As soon as you set eyes on one another a bond is formed. Rationally, your many differences mean that this is not the best combination for romantic relationships. However, despite the odds your initial sexual attraction can develop into a close relationship. Capricorn is attracted to Aquarius' self-confidence and poise and Aquarius appreciates Capricorn's

Aquarius & Capricorn marriage potential

You need discipline and motivation to make this work for the long term. A lot of compromise is needed if Capricorn is going to accept Aquarius' unpredictability and Aquarius not be offended with Capricorn's reserve. If you ignore each other's negative points and instead concentrate on the heights you could reach together, you can establish a close relationship that can take over the world.

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