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All about Aquarius & Leo relationships

Leo & Aquarius

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In many ways, you are a na tural match. Although you will disagree, you should be able to resolve any conflicts easily as most of your differences are superficial Together you may not be very settled, but you won't be bored either. Excitement, upsets, and unpredictability are major themes in this relationship.

Why Aquarius and Leo
are a good match

Aquarius can supply Leo surprises they like and with tolerance for their quirks, Aquarius will receive bucket loads of affection. Leo will happily give Aquarius the undivided attention they crave, and in return Aquarius offers a sense of adventure and makes sure that their life together will never be dull.

Why Aquarius and Leo
are a bad match

Aquarius is unlikely to pay the amount of attention that Leo desires. You are very different in your outlook and are prone to bicker and argue almost constantly. Leo is more physical than Aquarius and you have different views of independence. It seems to Aquarius that Leo takes life too personally and dramatizes events And Aquarius may seem cool and aloof to Leo. Leo may confuse and undermine Aquarius' confidence without intending to do so and that will make Aquarius feel unsure at times. Leo wants to be in control but Aquarius resists authority and won't be as complaint as Leo would like. The constant excitement and changes may leave you both feeling a bit frazzled and disoriented.

How are Aquarius & Leo in bed?

This can be a magnetic combination. Together you form an interesting combination of passion, friendship and sexuality. There will never be a dull moment with you and love could soon appear.

Aquarius & Leo marriage potential

A short-term relationship is likely to be a success but it can be harder to make it last. So long as you both work at being honest, clear, and unambiguous this combination can be a great success. If you can smooth out your superficial personality conflicts, you'll find that you are actually very well-matched. Once you commit to each other, your relationship can become steady and stable.

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