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All about Aquarius & Libra relationships

Libra & Aquarius

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You know how to make each other feel wanted and have similar drives. Although neither of you will give your whole heart to the relationship, you don't find this a problem. As you're both so sociable, you harmonize well with each other and make great friends. Although Libra is more focused on one to one relationships, and Aquarius on larger groups of people, this need not cause a problem. Your relationship is likely to have a light, airy, friendly, and not overly emotional tone to it. As you're able to scheme together, you can develop strategies for success and you encourage each other to set high goals, sparking each other's ambitions and hopes.

Why Aquarius and Libra
are a good match

You know how to make each other feel wanted and have similar drives. You get along well because you tend not to argue about who does what and don't mind who takes the credit. Neither of you will require more of the other than you're willing to give. When Libra is in one of their indecisive moods, Aquarius can help them to work out which way to turn. Together you learn much more than you would alone and your close relationship will be built on friendship.

Why Aquarius and Libra
are a bad match

There's a strong sense of responsibility and it's too easy for distance to grow. You always seem to be fighting over something. One problem is that Libra is personal and romantic and feels that need a partner in order to feel complete whereas Aquarius is more independent and dislikes too much emotional neediness and dependency. Also, Aquarius has a rebellious streak and enjoys flouting convention, while Libra is more concerned with social acceptance.

How are Aquarius & Libra in bed?

There's an instant attraction between you that can lead to long-term compatibility. Libra loves Aquarius for their creativity and initiative, while Aquarius respects Libra's balanced and harmonious nature.

Aquarius & Libra marriage potential

You're both capable of being objective about your relationship and Libra is very concerned with social acceptance. Because you both take this relationship seriously, you feel that you need to constantly work hard to keep things together. It takes some effort for Libra to convince Aquarius to commit, but their persuasive powers are likely to win out in the end.

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