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All about Aquarius & Pisces relationships

Pisces & Aquarius

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You both love to socialize and the two of you operate on a different wavelength than the other signs of the zodiac â€" when you're together your dreams are also reality. A major problem is that Pisces is non-competitive and needs to retreat at times, whereas Aquarius needs involvement in the world.

Why Aquarius and Pisces
are a good match

As Pisces will go along with anything Aquarius wants, the two of you can achieve an unusual intimacy. Although you're very different, you both have an open-minded attitude toward life and are unlikely to be judgmental about anything. When you do argue, you're both capable of forgiving and forgetting easily and can soon find a way to make up.

Why Aquarius and Pisces
are a bad match

If Pisces lets them down Aquarius will reject them immediately and there's always a strong risk of Pisces doing just that. Aquarius can become overly dependent on Pisces and Pisces may feel stifled in this relationship. Aquarius will need to show more emotional commitment than they are used to. There's a risk that Pisces' emotional blackmail could drive Aquarius away. Aquarius is too cool and detached for Pisces and Pisces tears and tantrums will soon tire Aquarius out. Sometimes Aquarius can be too intellectual and aloof for Pisces, and Pisces may at times be too self-sacrificing and gullible for the Aquarian taste

How are Aquarius & Pisces in bed?

Pisces finds Aquarius to be an ongoing source of amusement and a real inspiration. Aquarius is attracted to the intimacy Pisces offers while expecting very little in return. Pisces is impressed with Aquarius' easy-going and carefree attitude towards life while Aquarius is intrigued by Pisces' charm.

Aquarius & Pisces marriage potential

You make an unexpected combination but that can be enough to keep both of you interested. With Pisces anything goes, so here Aquarius finds a willing partner for all their experiments. If Aquarius learns to let go a little, they can soon float away on clouds of romantic bliss that Pisces renews each day that you're together,

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