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All about Aquarius & Sagittarius relationships

Sagittarius & Aquarius

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You both love to be independent, but this doesn't cause too many problems, as you both understand this about each other. There is a lot of give and take in this relationship and it's full of potential. With your shared zest for life, you won't try to tie each other down. There may not always be a great level of emotional intimacy, but that needn't necessarily be a problem. Neither of you are necessarily looking for something long term and so you can allow each other enough space to keep the relationship sparkling.

Why Aquarius and Sagittarius
are a good match

You might not think that you have much in common at first, but chances are that you share many of the same goals and ideals. It's only the way that you go about achieving them that differs. Sagittarius can teach Aquarius how to have fun and become more involved everything. Sagittarius will help Aquarius to explore their spontaneous, creative side and the two of you will be able to have plenty of long and exciting conversations.

Why Aquarius and Sagittarius
are a bad match

Sometimes Sagittarius may seem too selfish for Aquarius and Aquarius can be a little too weird for Sagittarius' tastes.

How are Aquarius & Sagittarius in bed?

When you meet, it's as if you've found your soulmate. Sagittarius is especially attracted to Aquarius' individuality, vision and creative capacity. You have a powerful connection and your relationship will be filled with passion. Sagittarius can sometimes be overwhelmed by the intensity of Capricorn's passion, coming from beneath such an apparently cool exterior. The feeling is so strong that you can form a mutual admiration society.

Aquarius & Sagittarius marriage potential

This combination makes for an ideal friendship filled with true understanding and real communication. You're both enterprising and success-oriented and will find a way to make your relationship work whatever obstacles you encounter. There will never be a dull moment as you lead a full life with your friends and family at your side.

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