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All about Aquarius & Scorpio relationships

Scorpio & Aquarius

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As Aquarius needs lots of friends and acquaintances, but isn't as involved in personal relationships as most people, this may create an emotional gap that can be hard to reconcile. Feelings can blow hot and cold in this relationship, and there is a tone of instability and inconstancy. One, or both of you may soon tire of the constant fluctuations. Respecting one another's differences is the key to making this work.

Why Aquarius and Scorpio
are a good match

Aquarius can show Scorpio whole new worlds and in return Scorpio will devotedly support Aquarius in all that they do. Because both signs are strong-minded, neither of them dominates the relationship. You are both signs goal oriented, so if you aim toward the same goal, the chance of success is very high.

Why Aquarius and Scorpio
are a bad match

You're both stubborn and inflexible and each wants the other to give in first. Scorpio is intensely private while Aquarius is very social and needs to participate in the world at large. There is likely to be a struggle for control and Scorpio may feel that Aquarius doesn't take them as seriously as they'd like. At times, Aquarius finds Scorpio's demands absurd and Scorpio finds it almost impossible to understand Aquarius. As Aquarius is idealistic and can be very abstract, Scorpio's tendency to rely on instinct and the depths of their passions baffles them.

How are Aquarius & Scorpio in bed?

You spark each other's curiosity and imagination, and find each other fascinating. Scorpio feels that there are many things going on below the surface with Aquarius and those things intrigue them. The way you relate can be warm and passionate one minute, and aggressive the next.

Aquarius & Scorpio marriage potential

Without common ground and plenty of compromise, it's difficult to make this work as neither of you can really understand the other's approach to the world. You can make this work so long as you're both prepared to be more flexible. When it comes down to it, when Scorpio wants, Scorpio usually gets so the success or otherwise of this relationship is in their hands.

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