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Aries & Aries

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There's not a lot of middle ground in Aries Aries relationships. With an Aries sun-sign match, a love affair usually either works or it doesn't. While there are some nuances to Aries compatibility, the overarching theme here is the alchemy of two strong personalities vying for dominance.

Aries personality is defined by a strong desire for self-respect and a risk of succumbing to occasional selfishness. Will two people with these characteristics make a good love match? Read on, and we'll explain why the result can be unbridled passion -- or it can be head-on collision of opposing egos, with each of you vying for the upper hand.

Since the Aries zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mars, the physical aspects of this relationship are often powerful. But as Mars is also the warrior planet, that sexual dynamism can come with unwanted conflict. Remember that fire signs (which include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) resist being controlled -- so both of you will have to extend a certain amount of freedom to each other. Since the sign Aries is also a cardinal sign, both of you are probably quite ambitious, energetic and can get restless easily.

Two Arians together will often fight for dominance, making for a fiery combination. Because you'll both need plenty of action and excitement, it will be important to supply this energy to each other if your relationship is going to work. Physical attraction will only take you so far.

Life is never quiet around two Aries. You both want freedom and adventure and find it hard to compromise. Depending on how much effort you make, this could be a roaring success or a complete disaster. When it comes to the romantic compatibility of two Aries, there's not much in between.

Why Aries and Aries
are a good match

As an Aries yourself, you know what an Aries needs. You can match each other's energy levels and enjoy playing and chatting together. Another Aries can be a kindred spirit if you both play to each others' strengths. You're both passionate and love to be social. You're a dashing duo and your combined energy and unique style gets you noticed.

Aries is an aggressive sign, but if you can keep your aggression aligned you'll go far together. There are millions of successful Aries Aries couples, and a common trait in the most successful examples is alignment of interests. If you can resist the ram's temptations to butt heads and channel that energy into teamwork, you'll both go very far together. Remember, it's the two of you against the world. Not the two of you against each other.

If things do go awry, neither of you will bear a grudge for very long. Yes, Aries can get bent out of shape, but fortunately the negative energy passes quickly. Best of all, you both enjoy the passion of making up.

The big question with two Aries in a relationship is, can you live with someone who's so similar to yourself on certain levels? The elements of compatible astrology are here, but there's also a recipe for something more combustible if you're not careful.

Why Aries and Aries
are a bad match

Given that you both find it hard to compromise, arguments are inevitable. You both need to curb your natural instinct to ram your heads together and engage in a power struggle. This is a fact of many Aries couples -- but in some cases it results in irreconcilable differences.

Because you are both inclined to do things in a burst of enthusiasm, your relationship can move faster than may be sensible. Wanting to come first means that you itch to show off to each other and will fight to boast about your achievements and recount your dreams before the other can draw breath. Remember: No one will ever win the battle of "who's best".

In many cases there's just no peace for the Aries couple. The temptation to go head-to-head is just too much -- and all too frequent. Interests can't be aligned, and the desire to win is just too high. In these cases, the relationship has a high probability of falling apart.

How are Aries & Aries in bed?

Aries & Aries relationships tend to be extremely passionate and fiery when you first connect. You'll have no shortage of enthusiasm and energy.

Although the initial attraction between you is strong, there's a risk that interest will wane quickly. At first, an over abundance of passion will ensure that there are few problems physically. But as Aries is a freedom loving sign, the constraints of a relationship can lead to a waning of desire in some cases.

You two might not be the most wild of signs, but you're both open minded and willing to give almost anything a try.

It tends to be all or nothing - you're either ready to fall at each other's feet or bored rigid. But once you get going, there's no stopping you.

Aries & Aries marriage potential

The elements of a successful sign compatibility are certainly here. An Aries man and an Aries woman both individually have solid core values, and enjoy shared activities. You both have a powerful inner energy, and a desire to take on the world.

You're both capable of being extremely loyal if you get beyond the initial blips in your relationship. Communication and understanding will be key to a long relationship.

The core advice for an Aries Aries love match is to avoid demanding more and more as you go. The longer you stick together, the more that you realize you can rely on each other -- and stop competing with each other. As no Aries likes to be stuck in a rut, you need to make a conscious effort to keep the excitement going as long as you're together. Keep pushing forward in that Aries way, but make sure your interests are aligned.

In some ways, Aries relationships are fortunate in their binary nature. Since they will either go the distance or "blow up" early, you're less likely to waste time on a failed relationship. In most cases, you'll know sooner than later if you're compatible enough to go the distance.

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