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All about Aries & Aries relationships

Aries & Aries

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Two Arians together will fight to be first and best making for a fiery combination. You both need plenty of action and excitement and it's important to make the effort to supply this to each other if your relationship is going to work. Life is never quiet around two Aries. You both want freedom and adventure and find it hard to compromise. Depending on how much effort you make, this could be a roaring success or a complete disaster. There's no middle ground.

Why Aries and Aries
are a good match

As an Aries yourself, you know what an Aries needs. You can match each other's energy levels and enjoy playing and chatting together. If things do go awry, neither of you bear a grudge and you can enjoy the passion of making up.

Why Aries and Aries
are a bad match

Given that you both find it hard to compromise, arguments are inevitable. You both need to curb your natural instinct to be selfish. Because you are both inclined to do things in a burst of enthusiasm, your relationship can move faster than may be sensible. Wanting to come first means that you itch to show off to each other and will fight to boast about your achievements and recount your dreams before the other can draw breath. No one will ever win the battle about who's best.

How are Aries & Aries in bed?

Although the initial attraction between you is strong, there's a risk that interest will wane quickly. Usually, the over abundance of passion will make sure that there are few problems in this area. You two might not be the most imaginative of signs, but you're both open minded and willing to give almost anything a try, which more than makes up for it. It tends to be all or nothing - you're either ready to fall at each other's feet or bored rigid. But once you get going, there's no stopping you.

Aries & Aries marriage potential

You're both capable of being extremely loyal if you get beyond the initial blips in your relationship. The main trick is to avoid demanding more and more as you go on and to not get all wound up by your partner's requests. The longer you stick together, the more that you realize you can rely on each other. As no Aries likes to be stuck in a rut, you need to make sure that you keep the excitement going as long as you're together.

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