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All about Aries & Cancer relationships

Cancer & Aries

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As long as you two are willing to make the effort to understand each other, Aries can match their vigor to Cancer's caution, combining to form a base for success. This can sometimes be a volatile combination, but Cancer often doesn't mind Aries taking the initiative, and Aries soon learns to appreciate what Cancer can offer them. Aries sometimes sees Cancer as a bit dull and boring, but soon they can learn to enjoy the security on offer.

Why Aries and Cancer
are a good match

The enthusiasm and exuberance for life that Aries has is highly appealing to Cancer. Aries wants to be the leader and Cancer is happy to take second place, especially when such a fun time is on offer. When it comes to the more mundane practicalities that grab a Cancer's interest, Aries is more than happy to let them take responsibility.

Why Aries and Cancer
are a bad match

Aries is capable of goading Cancer into a fight when they don't get their own way. Aries blusters through life and often doesn't notice that they're stomping all over sensitive Cancer's feelings. Cancer is capable of strong action when necessary, but doesn't like to be pushed and prefers to weigh things up before making a move. This doesn't always sit well with Aries' natural impatience. It isn't easy for Cancer to forgive, so Aries needs to convince them of their sincerity if they apologize when things go wrong. Cancer's constant complaints and negative attitude can irritate Aries and they'll have to bite their tongue to avoid a row. If things go wrong, Aries won't waste any time in leaving.

How are Aries & Cancer in bed?

There's a strong and intense initial attraction but it may not last long. If Cancer is convinced that Aries is sincere however, they'll be ready to melt for them. Cancer can be very giving and will offer much more than their fair share once they feel safe.

Aries & Cancer marriage potential

Mutual respect and clear boundaries are essential or your relationship won't survive. Once the relationship has got off the ground, Aries has to fight against becoming bored with Cancer's sensitivity of Cancer and Cancer are likely to demand more commitment from Aries than they're willing to give. The chances of success are a lot higher if Aries makes allowances for Cancer's indirect approach and the things they leave unsaid.

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