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Capricorn & Aries

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Aries' fire and spontaneity doesn't mix well with Capricorn's practicality and stability. Their approaches to life are almost opposite, Aries acts without considering what they're doing while Capricorn carefully judges the possible effects of all they plan to do. However, sometimes, this combination surprises everyone by emerging as a serious relationship. If you can work out who's in charge and when, this can be a powerful combination. If not, you'll lock horns once too often, then give it away. The two of you share a desire never to be bored and to achieve something important.

Why Aries and Capricorn
are a good match

By giving Capricorn respect, status, power, and authority, Aries will gain their love and affection. If Capricorn is willing to give Aries action, excitement and a fresh start, they have a good chance of winning their love and affection.

Why Aries and Capricorn
are a bad match

Capricorn's self esteem is more fragile than Aries, and Aries' blunt honesty can cause Capricorn deep upset. They may feel that they're being pushed to argue a case or justify an action. If Aries makes the relationship a contest, they'll strike the unyielding reluctance of Capricorn. Capricorn's pragmatic and persistent approach to life can help Aries to develop more persistence, but they have to bite their tongue when Aries' boundless enthusiasm grates on their nerves. As Capricorns are blessed with a strong dose of reality, Aries needs to learn to hold back. Their blunt honesty can cause upset and it's worth Aries biting their tongue sometimes. The biggest problem is that you live life at different speeds â€" Ares rushing everywhere and Capricorn taking their own sweet time. For this to work, you have to learn to meet somewhere in the middle.

How are Aries & Capricorn in bed?

Although on the surface, you two have nothing in common Capricorn is fascinated by Aries' initiative and energy. Equally, Aries is intrigued by Capricorn's composure and control.

Aries & Capricorn marriage potential

Looking for areas of cooperation rather than making your relationship a contest will create a powerhouse of a relationship that can take over the world. Both of you are too strong to keep compromising if no compromise is offered in return, so you need to learn some flexibility. Hard work and discipline will help to form a strong and lasting bond.

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