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All about Aries & Gemini relationships

Gemini & Aries

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You're so different that it's hard to get this relationship off the ground. However, a shared sense of excitement and desire to grasp the moment is something you have in common. Gemini can come up with enough fresh ideas to satisfy Aries' constant desire for something new. Keeping things fresh and different is the only way that this relationship will survive as both will seek fresh fields at the drop of a hat as you equally enjoy the challenge of the new and different. Sometimes you might have to stop to appreciate what you already have.

Why Aries and Gemini
are a good match

The fact that both Gemini and Aries like to do things quickly and act on impulse is enough to form a close bond between the two of you. Gemini's clever ideas can be taken up by Aries and turned into something special.

Why Aries and Gemini
are a bad match

As soon as Gemini starts analyzing and rationalizing every little thing that happens, Aries loses their enthusiasm and makes a swift exit. They tend to get irritated by Gemini's constant flitting about and can feel tempted to start throwing their weight around. This isn't going to do any good, as Gemini is completely unimpressed by noise and bluster. Gemini doesn't appreciate it if Aries comes on too bossy, and will soon move elsewhere if it persists. Aries' occasional need to be alone can cause problems, especially when Gemini is feeling particularly sociable â€" which is almost all the time.

How are Aries & Gemini in bed?

Aries needs a lot of attention â€" there can be so much going on in life for a Gemini that it can be all too easy to forget this. Whereas Aries tends to dive in without thinking, Gemini is more innovative. So long as Aries listens, they can learn to have fun they never knew existed and Gemini can have a whale of a time teaching them how.

Aries & Gemini marriage potential

As Gemini is so adaptable and finds Aries' enthusiasm for life so appealing, they probably won't have any problems biting their tongue from time to time. Both of you forget any upsets quickly and neither of you are inclined to nurse a grudge. Developing shared interests helps things to go well as Gemini finds it easy to get interested in what Aries is up to. When things are going well, you have to be careful not to take the relationship for granted.

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