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Leo & Aries

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With both signs being so alike, any relationship between the two of you could quickly fall victim to a clash of personalities. However, so long as there's room for each to express their creativity, this could be a winning combination. Aries can take advantage of Leo's willpower to help them get to center stage and really shine. Leo's determination compliments Aries' adventurous spirit and their independence of mind and action can give broaden Leo's fixity of purpose.

Why Aries and Leo
are a good match

Aries and Leo are both active, dynamic, mobile and assertive. They have enough in common to understand each other without explanations, and can even learn to enjoy the times they clash â€" or at least the making up afterwards! It's relatively easy for them to respect each other's views, likes and dislikes. Sometimes each of you wants to go your own way, but that shouldn't present any problems considering that neither of you want too much closeness in a relationship.

Why Aries and Leo
are a bad match

Both Aries and Leo need to be at the center of things, which can cause problems. Although Leo knows they can win against Aries if they try hard enough, They may not be prepared to put in the effort needed every time. If it comes to a battle of wills, Leo will almost inevitably win, time and time again, frustrating Aries. A serious argument can be a disaster as neither finds it easy to back down once fired up.

How are Aries & Leo in bed?

A little compromise can reduce the chance of explosions and instead introduce excitement. Although it may not last long, with two such passionate people, this relationship is unlikely to ever get boring. Aries is much more demonstrative than Leo and if they make sure that Leo feels that they are at the centre of their universe, both will be happy to fall into the other's arms.

Aries & Leo marriage potential

If both of you are prepared to guard against being too self involved then you can make a warm and passionate combination. Leo handles routine better than Aries, so Aries should take care of all the things that require rushing about and dealing with any crises. Neither of you seek a great degree of intimacy and if you both take care to avoid becoming too self centered, this can be a warm and passionate combination. Life will never be dull, but as Leo tends to be stuck in their ways, Aries will need to compromise once in a while. Working together, you can have an active and dynamic lifestyle.

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