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All about Aries & Libra relationships

Libra & Aries

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Being total opposites means that you can complement each other completely. Libra can balance the extreme nature of Aries, although in a relationship they're likely to have to make the most adjustments. It's most likely to work when you find interests and concerns in common. Your match can be exciting and long lasting. Whereas Aries supplies the excitement, it's up to Libra to put romance into the relationship.

Why Aries and Libra
are a good match

There is a natural understanding between these two signs and Libra can find themselves swept along by Aries' enthusiasm. Libra is able to prevent Aries' worst excesses by showing them how to weigh things up before making a decision. When Aries does get carried away, Libra is tolerant enough to see their point of view and can gently explain how they can compromise without feeling trapped.

Why Aries and Libra
are a bad match

Sometimes you find each other difficult to handle. Aries demands a level of intensity, which Libra finds unappealing and Libra demands much more commitment and solid romance than Aries may be able to supply. Aries will be unwilling to give up their freedom, but although Libra can them exasperating, there's usually enough tolerance so that this need not be a major problem. Sometimes, Aries' impulsive actions clash with Libra's tendency to weigh things up. Libra can't help put deliberate before making a decision and Aries has to learn to slow down and give in from time to time.

How are Aries & Libra in bed?

Aries and Libra give proof to the old adage that opposites attract. Aries can't help but find Libra attractive as they crave their effortless beauty and social graces. It's easy for Aries to sweep Libra along with what they want and Aries finds Libra's automatic co-operation hugely appealing. Fun laughter and a lot of fun are in store.

Aries & Libra marriage potential

The way to make this work is to make sure that you have common interests and concerns. If you both learn to see the value of the opposite view, your relationship can be exciting and long lasting. Friendship and respect needs to be at the heart of your relationship if you're going to see it through to the long term.

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