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All about Aries & Scorpio relationships

Scorpio & Aries

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Although this combination can be difficult, it can also be very exciting. Aries and Scorpio share a passionate approach to life but they make an uneasy mix. Whereas Aries is straightforward and impatient, Scorpio is cool in a crisis, private, obsessively determined and ready to wait for the moment. The differences can be an endless source of fascination for both. However, a lot of adjustment is needed if this is going to last for any length of time.

Why Aries and Scorpio
are a good match

Both Aries and Scorpio can put their differences aside and work well together if it's something they both feel passionate about. If there is a fight between you, Aries will soon forgive and forget but Scorpio can bear a grudge forever. Aries can help them to reduce that tendency. Neither of you are likely to change drastically but your differences can add to the spice of the relationship.

Why Aries and Scorpio
are a bad match

Scorpio's desire for privacy can clash badly with Aries' tendency to want to declare everything they do to the world. Aries' lack of sensitivity can lead to Scorpio feeling resentment and anger and they're unlikely to enjoy the teasing side of Aries. Whereas Aries is never satisfied with a half-hearted effort, Scorpio is more restrained and will often squelch Aries' enthusiasm. They find their rushing about without stopping to consider what they're doing extremely unsettling. Aries' direct honesty can be disconcerting to a secretive Scorpio. The biggest issue will be Scorpio's jealousy and possessiveness. Aries can make life much easier if they make sure Scorpio feels safe.

How are Aries & Scorpio in bed?

The sexual tension between you two will sizzle from the moment you meet. If you can get over the challenges before you, this can develop into a deep love. If Scorpio has Aries in their sights, they'll throw their full magnetic powers at them and Aries will fall hard. There's more than enough passion on both sides and Aries adds an extra dose of fun to the partnership.

Aries & Scorpio marriage potential

A lot of adjustment is necessary to make this combination work. There will be times when Scorpio wants Aries to calm down and take things more slowly. At the same time, Aries wants Scorpio to lighten up and stop being so intense. If Aries can convince Scorpio that they can be relied on, the relationship has a good chance of working.

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