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All about Aries & Taurus relationships

Taurus & Aries

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Aries finds it hard to sit still, whereas Taurus often finds it hard to get going. By joining forces, they can compensate for each other's worst points. Aries can help Taurus to be more adventurous and less fearful while Taurus teaches Aries patience. This isn't an obvious combination, but if you're willing to get past your differences, you can make a success of this relationship.

Why Aries and Taurus
are a good match

Both can be possessive in their own way, but the combination is highly passionate so there could be something worth being possessive about. Sometimes Taurus needs a kick to get out of their rut, and Aries is just the person to do it. The best way for this combination to work is if Taurus takes charge of all the practicalities, and Aries deals with the social aspects of life. Taurus is far more pragmatic than Aries and can be a real help when it comes to making their ideas into something real.

Why Aries and Taurus
are a bad match

Aries tends to find Taurus' reactions a bit slow and see them as a stick in the mud. They live for the moment while Taurus prefers prolonged enjoyment. Unless they learn to take account of each other's need, this can cause problems. Sometimes, Aries can come across as a bit of a bully and push Taurus faster and further than they want to go.

How are Aries & Taurus in bed?

The fact that the two of you are so different can be enough to attract your interest. Aries isn't naturally affectionate, but if Taurus shows them what they need, they'll be more than willing to spend some time canoodling. Sometimes, Taurus finds Aries a bit over eager and clumsy in their advances, but their patience is invaluable in showing Aries how to adjust.

Aries & Taurus marriage potential

Maybe Aries isn't around as much as Taurus would like, but they'll soon feel safe when they realize that they always come home. Taurus is persistent and won't give up even when things look difficult. You might run at different speeds but as long as you go in the same direction, that needn't be a problem.

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