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Virgo & Aries

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The combination of Virgo's hidden depths and Aries' direct approach helps this relationship to get off to a good start. Virgo can be too critical for Aries' spontaneity and they don't like to be rushed into things so this is a difficult combination. However, as Virgo likes to give more than take, and Aries believes they should be the center of the universe, there are possibilities of making it work.

Why Aries and Virgo
are a good match

Aries can get things happening while Virgo is still considering the idea and Virgo's logical mind blends well with Aries' willingness to work hard. Virgo is the one sign that can appreciate Aries' independence and although they're able to follow such a natural leader when it suits them, they won't let themselves be bossed around.

Why Aries and Virgo
are a bad match

Plenty of adjustment is needed to make this work. Aries' head on style and their tendency to rush about may irritate Virgo. The only way for this to work is for Aries to cool it from time to time. Virgo is extremely orderly and soon complains if anything goes wrong. They need to know who is responsible for what and it's almost impossible for anyone â€" let alone a slapdash Aries â€" to complete a task to Virgo's satisfaction. Aries can be irritated by what they feel is constant criticism.

How are Aries & Virgo in bed?

The differences between the two of you are precisely what you find fascinating. Although Aries can be a little unsubtle for Virgo's tastes, and they're a bit short on finesse, Virgo isn't usually bothered enough to say no when Aries appears to sweep them off their feet.

Aries & Virgo marriage potential

Both Aries and Virgo need to give more than they get and learning to accept what the other offers is one way to success. A little patience and awareness of the differences between you can go a long way. A degree of adjustment is necessary, along with mutual respect and tolerance to make this relationship last. Virgo has enough patience to be able to step back and see how the differences between you can be turned to your combined advantage, and their determination to make the relationship work may be all that's needed.

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