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Cancer & Cancer

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Although you are extremely alike, if your backgrounds are very different this can cause problems, as your identification with your origins is strong. Two Cancerians together often focus too much on responsibilities and commitments. It's also easy to fall into the trap of becoming so concerned with your partner's life that you try to control it. One of you might resent the limitations and responsibilities imposed by the other. It's important to try and avoid a tendency to let your concern for the other person make you to try to control their life.

Why Cancer and Cancer
are a good match

You both need to be needed and because of your joint empathy you blend well together. You make a deeply devoted pair who can be endlessly loyal to each other. You will find comfort and satisfaction in your commitment to each other. So long as you can sort out any differences, you can establish an intimate, steady, reliable, loving and protective relationship.

Why Cancer and Cancer
are a bad match

There's a strong possibility of constant bickering and childish reactions to petty problems. You may reinforce one another's dependencies and weaknesses by babying one another too much. It can be hard if the two of you feel vulnerable at the same time. You may have problems in deciding who should be in charge as both of you will believe you're best suited to take the lead. Although you're both capable of forgiveness, you find it hard to forget any slights.

How are Cancer & Cancer in bed?

The feeling that you know each other from the moment that you meet means that you feel you are meant to be together. Both of you being sensitive romantics makes it possible to build a happy relationship. With the right approach, it could be hearts and flowers all the way.

Cancer & Cancer marriage potential

There's certainly enough understanding between you two to make it work, and you'll never need anyone else, as your own little world will be enough. There is a strong feeling of security in this combination and it's likely to be long lasting.

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