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All about Cancer & Capricorn relationships

Capricorn & Cancer

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This is a pairing of tenacity and determination. While Capricorn is focused on logic, Cancer brings emotional intensity to the relationship. Both of you hold the other to high standards tempered by a mutual respect. An understanding of each other's needs and a desire to fulfil them makes this a good bonding of opposites. However, there is little excitement and the partnership could become boring. Capricorn believes in a practical approach towards life, whereas Cancer lets their heart and emotions rule their life.

Why Cancer and Capricorn
are a good match

Capricorn will appreciate Cancer's softness and both are consistent and believe in loyalty and faithfulness. As time goes on, and with enough communication, you can learn to appreciate each other's viewpoints and develop a strong bond. Cancer will bring warmth and sincerity to Capricorn and in return Capricorn will bring stability and the passionate love that Cancer has been longing for.

Why Cancer and Capricorn
are a bad match

Capricorn often become emotionally detached from situations and may fail to fully appreciate Cancer's more emotional responses. In turn, Capricorn sometimes may seem dry and inexpressive to Cancer. Capricorn may feel that they shouldn't show emotion, whereas Cancer is all about feelings. Cancer's tendency to hold grudges can irritate rational Capricorn. Both of you may delay committing until you're able to think things through completely and weigh all options. This means that one may feel it is time while the other is still weighing the pros and cons.

How are Cancer & Capricorn in bed?

Cancer is drawn to Capricorn's strength and emotional stability. Although your tastes and preferences are completely opposite you can learn to love and admire each other deeply. This can be an intense and exciting relationship that gets sexier over time.

Cancer & Capricorn marriage potential

You both seek security and consistency along with a strong sense of duty to family, a strong work ethic and traditional values over modern ones. These commonalities mean that you can build both a future and a family together. The success or failure of your relationship in the long term depends on your joint ability to communicate with each other.

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