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All about Cancer & Gemini relationships

Gemini & Cancer

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Although both of you may make a sincere effort to establish a rapport, you are two very different people. If Cancer makes an effort to appreciate Gemini's sense of humor the chances of a good relationship are vastly increased. Gemini can get bored easily while Cancer is inward-looking and moody.

Why Cancer and Gemini
are a good match

Although Gemini tends to be more intellectual than Cancer in relationships, on the plus side they can cope easily with Cancer's occasional moodiness, as they're so changeable themselves. Gemini can encourage Cancer to come out of its shell and in turn Caner can teach Gemini to slow down and appreciate the world. Gemini can fall into the role of Cancer's knight in shining armour and in return Cancer offers a good home life with all the creature comforts. Gemini can banish Cancer's moods while Cancer can provide warmth and security to Gemini.

Why Cancer and Gemini
are a bad match

The biggest problem is that Cancer has trouble communicating clearly and clear communication is what Gemini is all about. Cancer takes this area of life very seriously and can be offended by Gemini's propensity to tease and joke which makes Cancer retreat inside their shell to nurse their hurt. Gemini's flirtatious nature can also make Cancer feel very insecure and they tend to be possessive, so your relationship is likely to be quite volatile. It can be hard to meet on common ground.

How are Cancer & Gemini in bed?

There may be an intense physical attraction although any relationship will be difficult between this pair. Both need to be willing to forgive and forget. Some frustration is possible as Cancer depends on the feelings of the moment whereas Geminis' desires are dictated by the mind. Cancer may feel that Gemini is too cold and distant whereas Gemini finds Cancer to be smothering. A lot of compromise is needed to make this work.

Cancer & Gemini marriage potential

The level of commitment that Cancer demands is more than Gemini wants to give, especially in the early stages of the relationship. The relationship can only work if Gemini is willing to take it seriously. If you can stick with it, the relationship will be very satisfying, as Cancer wants to protect and provide for their loved ones.

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