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All about Cancer & Leo relationships

Leo & Cancer

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This has great possibilities. The two of you can be very open and mellow toward each other. It's easy for you to have a good time together and each can both be protective, loyal, and warm toward the other. Cancer is likely to take more risks and spend more money on fun together than they would alone. Leo may upset Cancer by making too many demands, but they can cope with Cancer's moods better than most signs. If Leo is honest about their faults, Cancer will always be there for them.

Why Cancer and Leo
are a good match

Cancer is ready to offer the admiration Leo demands and Leo in return can give the loyalty Cancer needs. Cancer finds that Leo is likely to take the lead â€" which is fine by them. Leo's sunny disposition is just what Cancer needs to pull them out of their moodiness. Being together makes you both feel good, and this has positive effects on both of you. Cancer can offer Leo support and won't compete with them. Leo will appreciate Cancer's help and sympathy. All they want in return is loyalty.

Why Cancer and Leo
are a bad match

Both of you take life personally, and your feelings and pride can be easily hurt by criticism or a lack of appreciation. Leo will soon grow tired of Cancer's constant complaints and negative attitude. In turn, Cancer will often be angry or sulk, because they have lost the opportunity to play leader.

How are Cancer & Leo in bed?

Leo lads love to love and Cancer just wants to be loved. A perfect combination. Cancer is attracted to Leo's fun loving manner, although they sometimes doubt Leo's sincerity. The two of you awaken a romantic response in each other and you can each rely completely on the other's fidelity.

Cancer & Leo marriage potential

Cancer can provide the kind of home Leo wants and expects and this can be enough to heal any wounds. Together you can establish a warm and cosy love nest and lose yourselves in each other.

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