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All about Cancer & Pisces relationships

Pisces & Cancer

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There is a huge amount of sympathy, and emotional rapport between Cancer and Pisces and you each feel that the other understands you in a way few others do. Both of you are sensitive and compassionate people. On balance this combination works brilliantly.

Why Cancer and Pisces
are a good match

You seem to be telepathically connected. You both have an intuitive awareness of others' inner feelings and needs, and are sympathetic to a fault. Cancer has an intuitive awareness of Pisces' inner feelings and needs, and is sympathetic to a fault. Cancer's propensity towards hard work means that they can help Pisces to realize their dreams, as well as supplying the protection that Pisces needs. In turn, Pisces brings chemistry, stability and adventure to Cancer's life.

Why Cancer and Pisces
are a bad match

Sometimes there can be an irritable tension between the two of you as it can be hard to completely let go. Some leeway and tolerance is essential to make any relationship between you work. But when it does work there is incredible closeness. However, Cancer can be upset by Pisces' unreliability. Pisces is capable of pretending there's nothing wrong when problems arise and Cancer will cling on like grim death hoping that everything will turn out well. Though things can look good on the surface, the relationship could die long before either leaves it. Problems could arise when Cancer's dark moods hit as Pisces is so intuitive that they feel Cancer's pain.

How are Cancer & Pisces in bed?

Both of you feel things deeply and can evoke a sympathetic response in the other without a word ever spoken. With the pair of you being so romantic and needing to love and be loved, you can create a very rich relationship. Your deep feelings will carry you on waves of passion and pleasure.

Cancer & Pisces marriage potential

Together you can create a close relationship and a lasting bond. You are likely to spend your entire existence in a land of your own and never come up for air at all.

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