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All about Cancer & Scorpio relationships

Scorpio & Cancer

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For the most part you are compatible, but there are differences. You both need loyalty and devotion and are able to supply one another with the security you need. With you both being water signs, you share strong, deep feelings and your connection is liable to be for keeps. Although you're both emotional characters, the way you emote is vastly different. While Cancer is openly compassionate and sympathetic, Scorpio is prone to act on the input they receive. When Scorpio is hurt, no-one may ever realize. With Cancer the hurt is always obvious. However, Cancer is more forgiving than Scorpio. On balance though, there is a strong undercurrent of understanding mixed with a true magnetic attraction.

Why Cancer and Scorpio
are a good match

There is a basic compatibility that helps you to overcome the stressful or problematic parts of your relationship. Cancer can encourage Scorpio to be more receptive, which helps things along. Cancer wants protection and Scorpio wants to protect â€" a perfect combination.

Why Cancer and Scorpio
are a bad match

Your emotional natures are different in many ways. Cancer feels more compassion and sympathy than Scorpio. Scorpio may view Cancer's feelings as sentimental and when Cancer is hurt, they can find that Scorpio becomes resentful and vindictive. You can both of you can be indirect in communicating and need to make an effort to be clear with one another. Possessiveness may also be a problem. When Cancer gets moody, Scorpio can withdraw and seem selfish.

How are Cancer & Scorpio in bed?

Both of you have strong, deep feelings and bond intensely. This means that you can become deeply attached to one another. Strong sexual compatibility and loyalty will help you to survive any stormy moments. This relationship will be full of passion and romance.

Cancer & Scorpio marriage potential

There is a great deal of sensitivity, empathy, and understanding between you and each may sacrifice much for the other. You have a natural sense of belonging together and things just keep getting better and better. You can keep each other's secrets safe and feel secure in each other's company.

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