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All about Cancer & Taurus relationships

Taurus & Cancer

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Taurus is intensely loyal and makes a caring, life-long partner, who will seek to provide for and satisfy Cancer's every need. This can be a perfect match. Both love home and family and are great food lovers. You do have minor differences â€" Taurus tends to be a bit self absorbed whereas Caner can be lazy and pessimistic.

Why Cancer and Taurus
are a good match

Taurus' practical approach is a great help when it comes to turning Cancer's dreams into reality and together you can enjoy a warm and caring relationship. The minor differences between you can soon be resolved as long as Cancer makes it crystal clear what they're trying to say. Taurus isn't very good at dealing with an indirect approach. Taurus will never have to worry about being taken for granted by Cancer.

Why Cancer and Taurus
are a bad match

Cancer tends to take the lead and most of the time Taurus won't mind. But they need to be aware of the difference between taking the lead and meddling and of smothering Taurus. Cancer may get annoyed with Taurus' gluttony, as well as considering them a little vain and conceited. Cancer can be very moody and Taurus will need to be considerate of these moods. Cancer tends to place Taurus on a pedestal and always expect them to be perfect, but when the flaws show they will retire feeling let down.   Tactless Taurus by trying to coax Cancer out could wind up driving them even further away.

How are Cancer & Taurus in bed?

you two will have excellent physical chemistry together and Cancer finds Taurus irresistibly magnetic. Taurus is straightforward and down to earth and prefers a no-nonsense approach. As long as Cancer feels safe, they'll happily go along with Taurus' desires. Taurus will put Cancer at ease and will adore how affectionate they are once in a relationship â€" as well as being thrilled by their loyalty.

Cancer & Taurus marriage potential

You both prefer to make long lasting connections so once you get together; it's likely to last. Both of you want a safe and secure relationship and together you're able to create a cozy haven.  This relationship can and will improve with age as one's strength supports the other's weaknesses.

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