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All about Capricorn & Leo relationships

Leo & Capricorn

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This looks on the surface like a good combination but it's difficult to make it work on a practical level. You make a stark contrast. Capricorn is much more detached and down to earth than Leo and Leo needs more appreciation and affection than Capricorn is inclined to give. One thing you have in common is that both of you value fidelity and loyalty.

Why Capricorn and Leo
are a good match

Leo can spark the desire for adventure and excitement in Capricorn. Together you form a mutually supportive union. You are both extremely devoted, especially to each other. You each have a lot to learn from the other. While Leo can show Capricorn how to have a good time, Capricorn can demonstrate the value of hard work to Leo and Leo will appreciate Capricorn's understanding of and access to wealth.

Why Capricorn and Leo
are a bad match

Slow Capricorn can be too stodgy for carefree Leo. Whereas Leo forgives and forgets, Capricorn might be slower to anger but almost always remembers. Demonstrative Leo will see Capricorn as stingy with affection as reserved Capricorn finds it hard to give Leo the adoration they need. Money can be a problem as Capricorn is cautious and Leo often spends like there is no tomorrow. Capricorn finds it hard to understand Leo's desire to be at the center of all things and Capricorn's desire for time alone comes over as boring to Leo.

How are Capricorn & Leo in bed?

On a physical level, you can make an ideal couple. There's an intense attraction between you and Capricorn is charmed by his Leo's loyalty and courage. In turn, Leo can make Capricorn feel special in a way that they have never experienced before.

Capricorn & Leo marriage potential

Although you may seem to be an unlikely couple on the surface, your love will grow as you discover similarities. However, unless you both make a lot of effort to put your differences aside, it'll be impossible to make it work. If you put the effort in, the end result is more than worthwhile as together you can find a passion that lasts forever.

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