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All about Capricorn & Libra relationships

Libra & Capricorn

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This relationship can either be romantic bliss or full of disappointments, depending on how far each of you is willing to adjust. You have very different interests â€" whereas while a Libra loves to communicate people and socialize, Capricorn prefers to be alone and is down-to-earth.

Why Capricorn and Libra
are a good match

Each of you opens the other to something totally new and different. Together you are more free, unconventional, and impulsive than you might be alone. Libra can vastly improve Capricorn's social life. Libra can also help Capricorn to get over any pressures they are facing and, in turn, Capricorn will offer safety and security.

Why Capricorn and Libra
are a bad match

Libra tends to feel blocked, frustrated, and discouraged by Capricorn. Capricorn will feel surprised by Libra's feelings of frustration and anger, and feel that Libra is being overly sensitive. Although they're both conventional in their views, Capricorn may find Libra a bit too cool and unmotivated for their liking. As Libra likes to avoid confrontation, they may not say anything when things are going wrong for them. Irritations over minor matters make it hard to establish a close relationship.

How are Capricorn & Libra in bed?

Libra's style, panache and bubbly personality intrigues and impresses Capricorn and Capricorn's strong silent persona attracts Libra. Often, your feelings won't synchronise and Libra may feel romantic while Capricorn is simply feeling friendly. The attraction between you may be subtle at first, but will grow stronger with time.

Capricorn & Libra marriage potential

The differences between you make it hard to establish a long-lasting relationship. Libra may find Capricorn dull and Capricorn may resent what they see as Libra's flightiness. However, you are both willing to work hard to sustain your relationship. It works best if you are both clear about, and in agreement with, the roles that you are expected to play in the relationship. With patience and perseverance, you will find that your joint senses of balance and loyalty will keep you together.

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