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All about Capricorn & Sagittarius relationships

Sagittarius & Capricorn

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Your differences can complement each other and it's likely that Capricorn will take the lead in any relationship. In some ways you are opposites â€" Sagittarius is optimistic whereas Capricorn is pessimistic. Also, Sagittarius never thinks of the consequences of an action while Capricorn can't stop thinking of them. It might start slowly, but there's so much that you can learn from each other that it's worth hanging on.

Why Capricorn and Sagittarius
are a good match

Sagittarius awakens a desire for adventure and excitement in Capricorn. In exchange for Sagittarius' unbridled enthusiasm and passion, Capricorn offers stability and staying power. Sagittarius can lighten Capricorn's life and make a long-term commitment. In return, Capricorn can encourage Sagittarius to harness their energy and pay more attention to the social niceties. Sagittarius teaches Capricorn how to have fun and mix with people and Capricorn helps Sagittarius to bring maturity and practicality into their life.

Why Capricorn and Sagittarius
are a bad match

Capricorn is much more conservative and reserved than Sagittarius and can worry about Sagittarius' tendency to leap into situations without a thought and sees them as irresponsible, inconsiderate and immature. Sagittarius also doesn't always offer the devotion and provide the security that Capricorn wants. Sometimes, Sagittarius is too optimistic for Capricorn and in turn Capricorn's seriousness can bore Sagittarius to tears.

How are Capricorn & Sagittarius in bed?

The intense sexual attraction between you can wash over your differences. However, Capricorn's demands are not easily satisfied by Sagittarius' light-hearted approach. Sagittarius can sometimes be overwhelmed by the intensity of Capricorn's passion, coming from beneath such an apparently cool exterior.

Capricorn & Sagittarius marriage potential

You need to develop patience, as things get better the longer you're together. Sagittarius acts as the power behind the throne when it comes to Capricorn's ambitions and aspirations. Capricorn's effectiveness is enhanced by Sagittarius's presence and encouragement. Capricorn will originate good ideas and organize the best way to get the plan into action. This helps your relationship, so long as each other's roles are well defined.

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