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All about Capricorn & Virgo relationships

Virgo & Capricorn

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This relationship feels na tural and progresses easily, as you both share similar values and temperaments. It's easy for you to agree on what to do in your spare time, as you're both hands on people, interested in what you can make happen. You have a good rapport and are each able to know the other person's needs even before they are expressed.

Why Capricorn and Virgo
are a good match

Capricorn makes a wonderful friend for Virgo and admires their intuition and attention to detail. Capricorn wants to be the driving force but this doesn't bother Virgo, as they are more concerned with being supportive. Capricorn will help Virgo to realize their dreams and in turn Virgo will offer solid support, security and safety. If Virgo demands respect from Capricorn, they'll probably get it. You both need respect and approval and each intuitively gives the other exactly that. You provide each other with a sense of stability as you aim for the best. You have the same attitudes toward finances, and each of you is secure enough to function without any jealousy concerning the other's abilities or achievements.

Why Capricorn and Virgo
are a bad match

There's sometimes a risk of you trying to out perform each other. Sometimes, you take life so seriously that you can forget to times of fun and romance and you need to make a conscious effort to ensure that monotony doesn't set in.

How are Capricorn & Virgo in bed?

There's a strong connection between you and it simply feels right when you get together. Capricorn is attracted to Virgo's easygoing but materialistic approach to life and their dedication to your relationship makes Capricorn feel secure. Virgo loves Capricorn's dedication and intensity and can help them to achieve their goals.

Capricorn & Virgo marriage potential

Your mutual interests make you highly compatible and you can form a solid union grounded firmly in reality. You share a similar lifestyle and are similar in the way that you handle life.

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