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All about Gemini & Gemini relationships

Gemini & Gemini

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It is possible for you two to have an exciting relationship, but you may never reach the stage of romance as so much of your world is lived in your head. You either click right away or you don't. If you do, neither of you will ever be bored as you're both interested in everything. You set a frantic pace but wouldn't dream of slowing down. You're both easy to get along with and will mostly go along with each other's wishes. Other people see you as an entertaining and delightful pairing and you're always in demand socially.

Why Gemini and Gemini
are a good match

Your mutual desire for change and variety keeps your relationship exciting. You'll never get bored because you're both interested in everything. Although the pace is frenetic, neither of you dream of slowing down. You will have fascinating conversations, loads of friends and throw some wonderful parties. With both of you being accommodating and obliging, you find change easy to adapt to.

Why Gemini and Gemini
are a bad match

Your relationship can be unstable and the most difficult issue to deal with is that of commitment. There can be constant fights with the two of you screaming at one other. The best way for you two to get along is to learn to appreciate each other's sense of humor.

How are Gemini & Gemini in bed?

The initial attraction is usually on a mental level as ideas are much more important than feelings and sensuality to a Gemini. With such a strong desire for change and excitement, you goad each other on, playing games and acting out roles. When it works it works so well that this is the one area of life that can leave both of you speechless â€" although only temporarily.

Gemini & Gemini marriage potential

Unless it's a happy relationship from the start, you're likely to part company quickly. Much of your relationship is likely to be on a cerebral level, and you can happily explore new intellectual avenues together. You don't like steeling down, partially because there's always the chance of something new around the corner. This means that you might well stay together long-term, but it's unlikely to be planned that way.

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