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All about Gemini & Leo relationships

Leo & Gemini

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Both Leo and Gemini love to have fun have an adventurous nature and enjoy life. They will find each other fascinating and love being in each other's company. Sometimes, Gemini's varied interests may make Leo jealous, as they want to be at the center of everything. If Leo is prepared to forgive Gemini's occasional neurotic outbursts and respect their desire for individual freedom they'll usually get along fine.

Why Gemini and Leo
are a good match

Gemini has the requisite lightness of touch to cope with Leo's mighty ego and can make them feel like they're the center of their world. Gemini's light hearted and witty approach to life can defuse any major problems between the two. Although they might try to upstage each other socially, they'll have a lot of fun doing it. Leo's sincerity and loyalty can help to strengthen the bonds between you.

Why Gemini and Leo
are a bad match

Sometimes, Gemini is the subject of Leo's jealousy and needs to tone down their flirtatious behavior when they're together. Gemini often finds Leo to be bossy and demanding. Leo wants to be the center of attention but Gemini's attention wanders far and wide. Gemini learns quickly to manipulate Leo and isn't the constant and loyal companion that Leo desires.

How are Gemini & Leo in bed?

There can be a strong attraction between this two and they are both quite open sexually meaning that their time together will usually be both fun and satisfying. Gemini can add a little variety by subtly suggesting novel concepts without ruffling Leo's pride.

Gemini & Leo marriage potential

There is long term potential for this combination as you can easily develop an easy rapport and respect one another's views. Gemini's flexibility helps here, as does their ability to win Leo over with flattery. Leo is much more capable of forming long-lasting bonds than Gemini and tends to take the lead. Although there can be problems and arguments, Leo forgives easily and Gemini helps Leo to relax. The relationship is strengthened by each giving the other more freedom.

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