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All about Gemini & Pisces relationships

Pisces & Gemini

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Although you're very different in nature, you can establish a good relationship. Both of you love peace and harmony and are flexible enough to adjust to the other's needs. You can make great friends as well as lovers and approach the relationship as equals with neither trying to control or dominate the other.

Why Gemini and Pisces
are a good match

Gemini's light touch can give life to the rich fantasies of Pisces and can help them to focus. And Pisces with its unpredictability can fulfill Gemini's desire for variety. Imaginative and dreamy Pisces can act as a perfect compliment to intellectual Gemini. When there are problems, you're both capable of forgiving and forgetting easily â€" it wouldn't occur to either of you to bear a grudge.

Why Gemini and Pisces
are a bad match

Whereas Gemini lives in the head, Pisces dwells in the world of feeling. It's difficult for you to find enough common ground on which to meet. Sometimes Pisces lives in a fantasy world and often fails to deal with reality, which clashes with Gemini's more rational approach to life. If Gemini neglects Pisces, they will disappear in search of someone more attentive. Each of you can be deceptive in your own way. Pisces you may find Gemini's playful behavior can be fun but being a sensitive Pisces means that they could take things to heart and see it as thoughtlessness. Pisces sometimes sees Gemini as a little intolerant. It's always a problem if Gemini asks Pisces to explain themselves as they don't always know the reasons for what they do.

How are Gemini & Pisces in bed?

There's a strong attraction but in the long run it might not lead anywhere. The initial excitement offers plenty of promise, but in reality that's hard to live up to. Pisces is especially drawn to Gemini's wit and repartee, while Gemini adores Pisces' social graces. Unless Gemini learns to trust Pisces and Pisces becomes more tolerant Gemini's need for freedom, the relationship will fizzle out before it really got going.

Gemini & Pisces marriage potential

Although this is not the most stable of combinations, you can form an imaginative and thrilling partnership. The powerful empathy you have towards each other can be too much to cope with or enough to make you melt forever. It's a real challenge to make things work but absolute bliss if you succeed.

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