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All about Gemini & Scorpio relationships

Scorpio & Gemini

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Although there is plenty of attraction, this isn't an easy match. Gemini may be left feeling that Scorpio doesn't approve of them. You have very different approaches to life. Scorpio tends to deal one on one, whereas as far as Gemini is concerned, the more the merrier.

Why Gemini and Scorpio
are a good match

If you find agreement, Gemini's fertile imagination combines well with Scorpio's dynamic energy. Scorpio loves a challenge and Gemini provides them with plenty to think about. If Scorpio can learn to lighten up a little, Gemini can teach them how to have fun simply for the sake of having fun.

Why Gemini and Scorpio
are a bad match

Gemini finds it hard to get to grips with Scorpio's intensity and Scorpio finds Gemini superficial. Gemini enjoys the pleasure of the chase and analyzing the intimate details instead of obsessing about things. Scorpio prefers to aim straight for the heart of the relationship and glories in the internal storms of passion and soul-searching. This can be a bit too intense for Gemini to handle easily. Scorpio has a strong sense of privacy that doesn't match well with Gemini's sociability. Scorpio is suspicious, even vengeful, and can end up in constant turmoil over Gemini's casual and playful attitude.

How are Gemini & Scorpio in bed?

There could be a mutual fascination but the lack of mutual understanding makes it unlikely to go far. Scorpio can feel as if they are providing all the passion in the relationship while Gemini's mind is elsewhere. In the early stages there is likely to be plenty of passion but they soon learn that sex isn't everything.

Gemini & Scorpio marriage potential

It can be very difficult to overcome your differences although lots of time apart will help you both unwind in your own particular way. Scorpio needs to curb their natural jealousy and remember that it is possible to try too hard. If you both begin to see your relationship as something to enjoy rather than struggle through, you're in with a chance.

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