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Leo & Leo

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This can be either wonderful or an unmitigated disaster depending on whether one of you is able to relinquish some of your control. There's no middle ground. You both want to be the center of attention, and cooperation doesn't come naturally. If you can recognize that each of you needs to feel that you're special and important and that hate to be ignored or slighted, this combination can work. Just remember to keep showing your appreciation of your partner and a lot of potential problems will fly out the window.

Why Leo and Leo
are a good match

You evoke in each other greater sensitivity to music and art as well as feelings of compassion and sympathy. You can form an effective and dynamic team, working well together in accomplishing routine tasks. That doesn't mean you don't have fun â€" far from it, this is one of the most playful combinations in the zodiac.

Why Leo and Leo
are a bad match

Dominance, control, or jealousy can easily become hot issues. Neither of you is ready to take the backstage as you both want to be the center of attention all the time. Feeling that the other lacks integrity or honesty, or is competing with you, can turn your admiration sour. Sometimes, you can be so in love with the idea of love that you ignore painful reality.

How are Leo & Leo in bed?

You are drawn together like magnets but the temptation to manipulate each other means that it takes effort and consideration from both sides to make this work. You're both demonstrative and take great pleasure in knowing that the other is always there for you. With the high amount of passion the two of you bring to a relationship, you can learn to adore each other.

Leo & Leo marriage potential

You both feel that a relationship is based on trust and honesty. So long as you remember this, you can establish a close and long-lasting bond. Your joint reliability and loyalty won't allow you to give up easily. With a little effort, you could have an amorous, affectionate and ardent relationship that lasts and lasts.

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