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All about Leo & Libra relationships

Libra & Leo

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This can be a very warm and mutually fulfilling relationship. You both need and love romantic gestures and personal attractiveness is also important to you. A focus on communicating and bantering forms a large part of this relationship. There is a lot of openness and tolerance between you, and you encourage one another to seek positive experiences outside the relationship as well as within it.

Why Leo and Libra
are a good match

Leo's natural generosity and ostentation may appeal to Libra's sense of romance. Although Libra is flexible and will happily compromise in order to please Leo, Leo could end up taking advantage if they're not careful. Libra can help Leo learn how to be true to themselves and their beliefs without needing to rail against the system. If Leo tries to take over too much, Libra is able to handle them with tact and diplomacy. You both love the finer things in life and believe in living in the present and enjoying it.

Why Leo and Libra
are a bad match

Leo is unlikely to treat Libra with the gentleness they desire. Libra's sense of fairness means that they will protest if Leo begins to expect obedience all the time. Leo's possessiveness can be too extreme for Libra and Leo can find Libra a little too compliant at times.

How are Leo & Libra in bed?

Leo's natural generosity and ostentation appeal to Libra's sense of romance. The two of you thrive on romance and there will be non-stop romantic gestures from both sides with gifts, love letters and candlelit dinners forming a major part of your relationship. You both value being in love and can each make the other feel very special

Leo & Libra marriage potential

You both seek perfection and if you aim in the same direction can make sure that your relationship is as perfect as the two of you had hoped. The romance will never disappear and with the great chemistry you share, you can have a very happy future together.

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