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All about Leo & Sagittarius relationships

Sagittarius & Leo

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Superficially you get on well and you have enough in common to make this combination a possibility. This is a warm, enthusiastic and vital combination. You're both are basically friendly and reinforce one another's optimism and playfulness. By stimulating one another's optimism and idealism, it feels that anything is possible.

Why Leo and Sagittarius
are a good match

Sagittarius invokes the more light-hearted and fun loving side of Leo and keeps them from getting stuck in a rut. You can encourage each other to push past limits and boundaries that you've set for themselves. You both have the capacity to survive difficult circumstances or overcome tremendous odds. This is a mutually beneficial combination, promising lots of good times and a very active life. In return for Leo's loyalty and warmth, Sagittarius is more than happy to let them be the center of attention.

Why Leo and Sagittarius
are a bad match

There's a danger that Leo and Sagittarius together can become sloppy or lazy. Avoiding responsibility or reality can be a problem at times and the two of you can often misunderstand each other. Sagittarius isn't as constant as Leo would like and Leo may be too demanding for Sagittarius' tastes. Sagittarius' obliviousness to Leo's feelings results in blunt comments that wound Leo's easily hurt pride. Leo can become annoyed with Sagittarius' constant flirting but their enthusiasm for live will usually win Leo over.

How are Leo & Sagittarius in bed?

With a little effort, and Sagittarius paying some extra attention paid to Leo, you will be on fire. Leo is entranced by Sagittarius' fun-loving, no-nonsense approach, and in turn Sagittarius loves Leo's sunny personality. The two of you have an instinctive understanding of each other's needs and can be open about intimate matters.

Leo & Sagittarius marriage potential

Together you can have an exciting and long-lasting relationship. Leo's strength matched with Sagittarius' natural optimism and willingness to take risks means that the two of you focus on the good aspects of your combination and make sure that it gets better all the time.

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