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Taurus & Leo

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With two fixed signs together battles of the will are almost inevitable and it's hard to make things work. Both Leo and Taurus have strong loyalties and value security and neither is easily pushed, pulled or pressured. You need to stand firm on the conviction that you are working to overcome inertia together. If you respect each other's differences, instead of trying to control each other, you can cope with anything. Whereas Taurus needs plenty of affection, Leo likes wants to be adored and admired. With some consideration, you can provide for each other's needs. If you apply your joint stubbornness and tenacity to working together, nothing can stand in your way.

Why Leo and Taurus
are a good match

You have enough in common to get you started - both of you have strong loyalties and value security. Once you commit to each other, this relationship can become steady, stable and a powerhouse. Taurus' patience can help. When working together, Taurus and Leo have incredible potential to both inspire and entertain.

Why Leo and Taurus
are a bad match

When you focus on trying to control and dominate each other, you end up in an endless stalemate. Mutual respect is essential as is respect for one another's temperamental differences. Taurus is likely to object to what they see as Leo trying to take them over and Leo may feel that Taurus doesn't pay them enough attention. When if comes to the choice between being with you and being at the center of attention, Leo will opt for the excitement.

How are Leo & Taurus in bed?

There's a strong initial attraction between you, but it can easily fade if you don't aim in the same direction. There's plenty of passion available for the taking, as well as romance, so with care this can be a very loving combination.

Leo & Taurus marriage potential

A mutual yearning for a relationship full of security and commitment will draw you closer. Once the two of you get over your differences and develop effective communication, you can establish a stable and long-term relationship. You are both extremely loyal and need security so once you invest into this relationship it's likely to last a very long time.

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