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All about Leo & Virgo relationships

Virgo & Leo

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This is an unconventional combination and other people may view it as strange because you don't conform to any of the standard patterns. There can be a dynamic, almost aggressive quality to this relationship. As Leo likes to rule and Virgo to serve, you could make the perfect couple.

Why Leo and Virgo
are a good match

This can work well as you complement each other whereas Leo wants to be the center of attention, Virgo is happiest in the background. Being together increases your optimism and positive feelings about life. Leo shows Virgo have to have more fun and introduces some spontaneity into their life. In turn, Virgo teaches Leo patience and helps them to focus their intellectual energy.

Why Leo and Virgo
are a bad match

Neither shows respect for the other and Virgo tends to cramp Leo's style. Leo finds Virgo frustrating and too full of restraint for their taste. Leo being so sensitive to criticism means that they can interpret Virgo's criticism as a personal attack. They may also take for granted much of the work and assistance that Virgo provides. Virgo needs to develop tolerance when Leo seems to be more interested in having fun now rather than planning for the future. They can find Leo very demanding and too bossy for their tastes.

How are Leo & Virgo in bed?

Leo offers Virgo passion that they thought only existed in their dreams. Although Virgo starts slowly, once their enthusiasm gets going they can offer more than enough passion in return. All it takes is a little patience on Leo's part. Leo can get Virgo to experiment and then all their natural inhibitions will be pushed aside. This can be a very giving combination.

Leo & Virgo marriage potential

Things may start slowly, but your relationship grows over time and you gradually learn to understand and appreciate each other. As a couple you'll be known for your good humor, generosity, hospitality, and warmth. As long as Leo is allowed to hog the limelight, you can have a happy and successful partnership.

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